Name:                D-na Ana TEODOSIU (born LUPAȘ), MA.

Birth:                 1937, Bucharest, Romania

Citizenship:      Romanian, German

Degree:              Magister Artium in English Language and Philology,

                           Confirmed Teacher                                      

Address:        Strada Washington nr. 23, parter, apartament 1, sector 1

                     RO-011793 BUCURESTI, Romania, Europe

Fixed:                +40 (0) two one two 309330 (Orange Romania)

Mobile:              +40 (0) seven eight seven 557900 (Orange Romania)

Email:               (located in Romania)

Net:           (located in Romania)




Financial Investor. Participating at estate and fund investments on capital and credit in Bucharest & Romania.


Establishment in Romania, Bucharest, zone 0.


Formal Inheritor of the industrial and estate heritage of my father Ing. Nicoae LUPAS, together with my four brothers.


Visit to Japan, for three months at the Institute for Physical and Chemical Research RIKEN in Tokyo.


Establishment in Northern France in Chantilly/Oise, 60 km north of Paris/France and 100 km south of Lille/Picardie, a village extending between the classical castle build by the protestant ‘Duc d’Aumale’ and the modern railway station.


Establishment in Southern France in Grenoble/Rhône-Alpes, 100 km away from Lyon/France and Geneva/Switzerland, in the communistic suburb Echirolles, close to the Université de Grenoble.


Establishment in Southern Germany in Stuttgart/Baden Würtemberg, in Botnang, close to the Max Planck Institute.


Emigration to Occident in April together with my husband and my two suns as citizenless.

1968-1969 1971

Visits to Germany, at the ‘Alexander von Humbold Stiftung’ in Hamburg, and at the Institute for Theoretical and Applied Physics, University of Stuttgart.


Confirmation/‘Definitivat’ as Teacher, Faculty of Philology, University of Bucharest; passed with highest mark at D-nl Prof. LEVITSKY


English Teacher at Liceul 111/135, Liceul 33 and Scoala 191 in ‘Drumul Taberei’, Scoala 118 (ex Licée Francais/‘Liceul Classic Mixt’); Participated actively to the brainstorming of profesors during the weakly Pedagogical Circle/‘Cercul Pedagogic’. Passed the two official inspections from the ‘Inspectoratul Capitalei’ with highest marks.


Scientific Translator, Documentation Centre, Ministry of Chemistry and Petrol of the Romanian Government. Translated technical documents between English and Romanian.


Graduation as Teacher/’Pedagog’, Faculty of Philology, University of Bucharest; Pedagogy examination in Heuristics (socratic dialogue) and Cathihetics (theologic monologue) passed with highest mark.


Magister Artium, Faculty of Philology, University of Bucharest; graduated with highest mark; primary: English Language, secondary: Italian Language; Courses: D-na Prof. CARTIANU (Critical Relism), D-nl  Prof. STEFANESCU-DRAGANESTI (Old English), D-nl Prof. VIANU (Universal Literature), D-nl Prof. LEVITSCHI (Linguistics); Seminaries: D-nl Lector BANTAS, D-na Lector PANFIL.


Graduated with highest grade and distinction from the Ballet Studio/’Studioul de Balet’ led by D-na prof. Floria CAPSALI, who close the studio soon after I abandoned in 1958 the pursuit of a career as a Ballerina because of the lack of support of my family, who considered ballet to be a ‘métier éphémère’.


Graduated classes 6 to 10 with highest grade and distinction from the Choreography Class/‘Clasa de Coregrafie’, Balet Lyceum/‘Liceul de Balet’, Bucharest, situated on ‘General Manu’-Street and later in the ‘Cina’-Building, led by prof. MOGHIOROS and prof. SIBIL; Personal ballet performance filmed in the 9th class in 1952/53 by ‘Studioul Alexandru Sahia’, ‘Cinematografia Romana’, Bucharest; Pictured and commented as representative pupil of the Bucharest Ballet Lyceum in dedicated Russian magazines; Selected together with Magdalena POPA for receiving a scholarship to study at the Leningrad Ballet School.



Graduated classes 5 and 8 to 10 with highest mark from the Licée Francais/‘Liceul Classic Mixt’, Bucharest, situated next to the Catholic Cathedral ‘St. Josif’; all courses in French except main course ‘Latin/Greek’ with prof. Mr. GUTU.


Graduated classes 1 to 4 with highest mark from the Ecole Francaise/Scoala Franceza’, Bucharest, all courses in French.


Language Proficiency: Fluent in Romanian, German, French, English, Italian, Latin. Comprehension of Russian, Greek.

Domains of Knowledge: Romania, Philology of Western Languages (especially European), Classical and Modern Western Literature, Classical Western Figurative Arts and Manufactural Crafts (painting, sculpture, sewing, patch-working, …), Universal Ancient, Western and Byzantine History.




My younger son Dan TEODOSIU, Director of R&D, Ph.D.

My elder son Nikolaus Adrian TEODOSIU, Consultant, M.Sc.

My husband Cristian TEODOSIU, Dir. of Res. at CNRS & RIKEN, Prof. Dr.