Prof. Dr. Cristian Victor TEODOSIU

Honorary Member of the Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania

Former Laboratory Head and Director of Research at RIKEN, Japan

Former Laboratory Head and Director of Research at CNRS, France

Ph.D. in Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy

Master in Mathematics, University of Bucharest

Master in Civil Engineering, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest









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Strada Washington nr. 23, parter, apartament 1, sector 1

011793 BUCURESTI, Romania, Europe


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Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania

VCAD System Study Group, RIKEN, Japan

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Mathematics Genealogy Project


V. Rybin, C. Teodosiu (Editors): 183051858

‘Physics and Mechanics of Large Plastic Strains’,

Proceedings [of] the first Russian-French Symposium, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 4-7 June 2002,

Central Research Institute of Structural Materials CRISM "Prometey", Saint-Petersburg, 2003.

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C. Teodosiu (Editor): 045367221

‘Large Plastic Deformation of Crystalline Aggregates’,

CISM Lecture Notes, Springer-Verlag, Berlin - Heidelberg - New-York, 1997.

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C. Teodosiu, J.-L. Raphanel, F. Sidoroff (Editors): 017857147

‘Large Plastic Deformations: Fundamental Aspects and Applications to Metal Forming’,

Proceedings of the International Seminar MECAMAT' 91, Fontainebleau, France, 7-9 August 1991,

Balkema, Rotterdam, 1993.

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E. Soós, C. Teodosiu:

      Calcul tensorial si introducere in mecanica solidelor’,

          Editura Stiintifica si Enciclopedica, Bucuresti, 1983.

C. Teodosiu:  

Modele Elastice ale defectelor cristaline’, Editura Academiei, Bucuresti, 1977.

‘Elastic Models of Crystal Defects’ [revised and enlarged translation],

Springer-Verlag, Berlin - Heidelberg - New-York, 1982. 024662747   

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F. Dinca, C. Teodosiu:

      Vibratii nelineare si aleatoare’, Editura Academiei, Bucuresti, 1969.

      ‘Nonlinear and Random Vibrations’ [revised and enlarged translation],

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PhD Thesis (supervised by Acad. Prof. Dr. Grigore Constantin Moisil)

Cristian Victor Teodosiu:

      ‘Contributions to the Continuum Theory of Dislocations and Initial Stresses’,

      Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania, June 1966.

     [Mathematics Genealogy Project reference]


Direction of PhD Theses (of Romanian, Chinese, French, German and Japanese students)

Tudor Sireteanu, Sorin Paraian, Traian Dumitrescu, Viorel Nicolae, Hua-Lei Cao, Zaiqian Hu,

Laurent Tabourot, Pierre Genevois, Thierry Ladreyt, Andreas Heege, Luis Menezes,

Jean-Louis Duval, Iulian Rosu, Halim Haddadi, David Boscher, Akihiro Uenishi.


My younger son Dan TEODOSIU, Director of R&D, Ph.D.

My elder son Nikolaus Adrian TEODOSIU, Consultant, M.Sc.

My wife D-na Ana TEODOSIU, Magister Artium


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