Director of Research and Development

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Paris 7/Diderot University

Dipl.-Inform. & Dipl.-Math., Stuttgart University





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 Strada Washington nr. 23, parter, apartament 1, sector 1

 RO-011793 BUCURESTI, Romania, Europe


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MFPS XXVIII, London, June 2012.  © Dan TEODOSIU 

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External references

Please note that some references point to an usurping homonym (a person of identical name and ever more similar biography)

Mathematics Genealogy Project



Computer Science Bibliography Database (DBLP.uni-trier.de)

Computer Science Authors (CSAuthors.net)


The Strategy of the Romanian Academy for the years 2016 to 2035 (in Romanian)

This page of the Romanian Academy contains several vast documents, each of some 500 pages, that exhaustively analyze and

prevision the development strategy that Romania should pursue within the next two decades.

Scientific Publications & Communications about Mathematics & Informatics

Keywords: syntax/semantics of processes & transactions, denotational and operational semantics, full abstraction,

computation & communication, serialization & concurrency, true concurrency, resource, quantification, matrices & graphs.

Doctoral Thesis: A Truly Concurrent Semantics for Processes sharing Quantified Resources.

Ph.D. Thesis No. 2012PA077019, Department of Computer Science, University Paris 7, March 2012.

(Mathematics Genealogy Project, SUDOC.fr, Theses.fr, Worldcat.org, 43 slides, 120 pages)


Master Thesis: Domain-theoretical Properties of Complex Traces. (in German)

Master Thesis No. 1025, Institut für Informatik (IfI), Universität Stuttgart, August 1993. (36 pages)


Personal opinions that should be of interest to a wider public

The purpose of the these pages is to counter the propagandized fascination (“le mirage”) that still acts upon humans born or educated in the Eastern or Southern Hemispheres with respect to the benefit or profit of immigration into the North-Western Worldpart (commonly called Occident, more recently called Transatlantics) .

The Causes for the proximous and rapid Decay of the Unipolar World

How the Existence of a Homonym causes Usurpation from the USA

Why I have parted from Western Europe after establishing for three Decades


My brother Nikolaus Adrian TEODOSIU, Consultant, M.Sc.

My father Cristian TEODOSIU, Dir. of Res. at CNRS & RIKEN, Prof. Dr.

My mother D-na Ana TEODOSIU, Magister Artium